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Why Borderbridge?

Borderbridge is the leading global association dedicated exclusively to the media for equity industry. Our members have access to specialised connections and strategic advice, unparalleled investment and networking opportunities, and exclusive, leading industry research and analysis.

"Borderbridge's whitepaper about the media-for-equity investment model was one of the inspiration sources for me to start Influencer Capital. We are a new media-for-equity fund that invests in consumer brands & technologies."

Scott Van Den Berg

Founder Influencer Capital
Scott Van Den Berg
"Borderbridge's expertise and network helped me set the foundation of FAME - the first Media for Equity fund in Southeast Asia, home to 600+m people.”

Hasnain Babrawala

Hasnain Babrawala

Borderbridge Members gain access to:


Investor-ready startups and alumni companies who have graduated from our Media for Equity Investment Readiness Programme, and have prepared detailed investor documents, and reviewed by us.


We host regular roundtables, dinners and community events to discuss recent trends in the industry, network and exchange industry insights.


We bring together media for equity funds, VCs and media experts to coinvest, raise new funds,and scale their portfolio companies internationally.

Why Join?

If you are B2C startup leader looking to increase your revenue and scale internationally, then media for equity is the model you should know about and add to your decision making process when developing your growth strategy.

If you are a media group, the media for equity investment model is a method to diversify your long-term revenue streams, optimise your media inventory allocation and get access to open innovation.

Get access to the world's largest Media for Equity Investments Database

Who can become a member?

  • Media for equity funds
  • Venture capital funds
  • Corporate venture capital funds,
  • Family offices
  • CVCs investing risk equity capital globally

To become a member, your firm must be engaged in or planning private equity investments on a media for equity basis or co-invest alongside media for equity funds on a cash basis. Read more about our criteria for becoming a member.


Who is eligible to join Borderbridge?


Borderbridge membership is open to media for equity funds, venture capital funds, corporate venture capital funds, family offices, and corporations (particularly media groups) investing risk equity capital globally.To become a member, your firm must be engaged in or planning private equity investments on a media for equity basis or co-invest alongside media for equity funds on a cash basis.


How are membership fees calculated?


Annual membership fees are based on the sum of your firm’s funds closed in the past 10 years (including CVCs with dedicated funds) or the gross media volume in case of media for equity funds. Corporate venture groups investing off the balance sheet pay an annual flat fee. 

Please get in touch at to explore partnership opportunities at all investments levels.


I’m representing a media corporation. We haven’t invested risk equity capital yet but we would like to learn more about media for equity investments. Can I join?


Yes, media groups and media experts are eligible to join. Borderbridge members and resources can provide you with the necessary information and support to prepare a sound strategy plan that you can present to your board. 

Please get in touch at to learn more about our membership opportunities.


I’m a service provider*. Can I join?


While Borderbridge membership is reserved exclusively for media for equity investors and venture investors interested in co-investment opportunities, Borderbridge engages with industry service providers that support these funds and their portfolios through the Industry Partner Program. Industry Partners receive invaluable exposure and connections to leading VCs and media for equity funds by sponsoring events, webinars, thought leadership, and other initiatives. Partnership opportunities start at €5,000.

*Law Firms, Accounting Firms, Consulting Firms, Recruitment Firms, LP & GP Consultants, Financial Advisory Firms among others.


I’m not qualified as a member but I would like to explore a partnership with Borderbridge. What should I do?


Please get in touch at to provide details about how you would like to work with Borderbridge.

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